We believe that...

… every young bassoonist has a potential that may be developed through a personalized
process adapted to their needs, since every performer is a unique being and, as such, must be
attended very carefully by the instructor.
… responsibility and discipline are fundamental in the formation of autonomous, self-sufficient
beings with a high interest and capacity for self-improvement. For this, we strive to offer the
participants all the tools for their musical progress without neglecting their growth as socially
responsible beings who can have an active role in the development and transformation of their
home countries.
We strive towards building a fairer society that allows for a harmonious coexistence and
encourages the evolution of all its citizens, making each aspect of their training a matter of
concern for the whole community. Teamwork is key when aiming towards a goal.


– Conversations

Live discussions created for sharing subjects related to the bassoon.

– Promotion

Promoting lectures, readings, master classes.

– Training

Support for bassoon teachers who wish to update their teaching systems, or to learn new techniques and teaching methods.

– Mutual support

Collaboration among studios.

– Master-class web

– Inter-chair collaboration

Contributions to the program

Join our


and find:


Videos, tutorials, tips and more by renowned bassoonists from around the world.

Etudes and books

Etudes and technical exercise collections.

Solo repertory

Sheet music from the standard repertory for bassoon, with piano or orchestra accompaniment.

Orchestal excerpts

Selection of orchestral excerpts for bassoon, which are frequently needed for auditions and competitions.

"Minus-one” tracks

Recordings of concertos and chamber music, with a missing bassoon part to fill in.

Chamber music

music: Sheet music for ensembles that involve one or more bassoon parts.

Reed making

Step-by-step tutorials for reed making and reed adjustment.

Active community

Getting in touch and interacting with bassoonists from around the world. Concerts, lessons, forums and more.

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