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This is a platform created by Los Fagotistas, to enable collaboration, discussion and
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The site is open to debates about topics related to the bassoon and the work of a bassoonist (classes, lectures, exhibitions, educational activities, reed construction and other related topics). Posts unrelated to the bassoon or those which the moderators find inapropriate, will be eliminated without previous notice.
The discussion of topics related to politics and religion is strictly forbidden, as is
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The site offers a classified ad section for members to publish content related to services and offers for bassoonists. Los Fagotistas does not take responsibility for the content of the posts in this section.


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Videos, tutorials, tips and more by renowned bassoonists from around the world.

Etudes and books

Etudes and technical exercise collections.

Solo repertory

Sheet music from the standard repertory for bassoon, with piano or orchestra accompaniment.

Orchestal excerpts

Selection of orchestral excerpts for bassoon, which are frequently needed for auditions and competitions.

"Minus-one” tracks

Recordings of concertos and chamber music, with a missing bassoon part to fill in.

Chamber music

music: Sheet music for ensembles that involve one or more bassoon parts.

Reed making

Step-by-step tutorials for reed making and reed adjustment.

Active community

Getting in touch and interacting with bassoonists from around the world. Concerts, lessons, forums and more.

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